Photos: BUF @ ARI 2/26

The Coyotes snapped their two game losing streak Sunday with an exciting comeback victory over the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres took a 2-0 lead through two periods with goals from Jack Eichel and Evan Rodrigues. Six minutes into the third, Max Domi cut Buffalo's lead in half with his 7th goal of the season. A little over six minutes later, … Continue reading Photos: BUF @ ARI 2/26

Hockey and the LGBTQ Community

It's Hockey is for Everyone month and a lot of people are focusing on the LGBTQ portion of everyone. With all the teams hosting You Can Play nights and the prevalence of You Can Play in the hockey world, it makes sense people are focusing on this topic. But one of the most talked about … Continue reading Hockey and the LGBTQ Community

Why a Need to Justify My Love for Hockey Is the Bigger Problem

Can you even name the retired numbers for the Kings?  For the first time in twenty–two years of life, I found myself being asked this question. And to top it off, I was on a date. Across from me, a boy in board shorts and a Steelers shirt stared at me. Let’s call him Brett. … Continue reading Why a Need to Justify My Love for Hockey Is the Bigger Problem

The Captain’s Back

To say the second city is concerned about its captain’s performance this year is an understatement. In the Hawks fan sphere, you rarely find an article about the 3 time Stanley Cup Champion Jonathan Toews that does not claim he’s faltering. But last night Captain Serious reminded us exactly how he helped create a dynasty … Continue reading The Captain’s Back

NHL Trade Deadline: The Bait

March 1st: the NHL trade deadline grows closer as mid-February is about to hit. Many teams are currently looking for vulnerable players to add depth or skill to their team. Teams hoping to get into the playoff picture including the Florida Panthers, Dallas Stars, New York Islanders, and more are looking over many players. But teams … Continue reading NHL Trade Deadline: The Bait

NWHL All-Star Weekend

The National Women’s Hockey League was announced in March of 2015 as the first U.S women’s professional hockey league where players would receive income. Commissioner Dani Ryan, a former ice hockey player, started the NWHL in order to provide options for players after their collegiate careers. The league announced their four teams: Boston Pride, Buffalo … Continue reading NWHL All-Star Weekend

A Hockey Player’s Worst Nightmare

Injury. It’s any hockey player’s worst nightmare. Over the 100 years of the NHL, there have been some interesting cases of injuries either impacting a player’s potential, or outright forcing them to leave the game. Hockey stars like Clint Marlarchuk and Richard Zednik, who both had their throat slashed by wayward skates, or Bill Masterton dying … Continue reading A Hockey Player’s Worst Nightmare