This week on Top Shelf Pours we have the Vancouver Canucks! They ended this season with 73 points, which technically ties them with the Red Wings, but according to the NHL, they finished in 26th while the Red Wings were in 27th. Read on to see what our drink picks for the Canucks are!

One beer: Strathcona Brrr! Winter Radler. According to the website, this is “a precise blend of beer, fresh cranberry and mandarin juice. A light and effervescent beer that is easy to drink and is thirst quenching with a tart, clean finish.” Not only is this the perfect beer for anyone, it tastes fresh and is light enough for even the most inexperienced beer drinkers. It’s a light beer that won’t make you feel like you’re drinking a beer. Plus, it’s got a coollooking design on the can.

One mixed drink: The Vancouver. Well, this one is a bit obvious. Fun fact about this cocktail is that it was created at the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver during the 1950’s. This is the type of drink where the type of gin and sweet vermouth make a lot of difference, but if you use what you have, I’m sure you’ll be fine! If you like citrus, this drink is a good choice for you because it has both orange bitters and a lemon oil in it to give it that extra boost.

One wine: Vancouver Urban Winery Merlot 2014. Vancouver fans are dedicated. They’ve been waiting for a long, long time to have the Cup come to the city. So in honor of their strength, I’m going to give them a red wine because I think they can handle it. Merlot is a great wine for people who can handle a red wine. This one, in particular, has layers of dark cherry over sweet spice which makes it a great wine to pair with a steak sandwich.

And that wraps up this edition of Top Shelf Pours! How did we do when it came to the Vancouver Canucks? As always, let us know what you think by sounding to us @puckitupblog on Twitter!

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