The Norris trophy goes to the best defensemen in the NHL this season. We often see it go to the best “defensive forward,” a defensemen who happens to score a lot of goals. This doesn’t necessarily make them the best defensemen, but the definition of the trophy and who deserves it is up to interpretation.

Here are our picks for the Norris Trophy:

Vanessa’s Pick: Victor Hedman

While being a nominee in past years, I truly believe this is the season the Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman wins the Norris Trophy. For the majority of the season, Victor Hedman lead in points amongst defensemen, and is arguably playing in one of the best seasons of his career. He has the most ice time on the Lightning with an average of 26 minutes, showing us that the Lightning’s successful season would not be the same without him. With the stats to back him up, it seems that it might finally be Victor Hedman’s turn to win the Norris.

Claire’s Pick: Victor Hedman

With the season he’s had, I think it’s his year to win it.

Elham’s Pick: Drew Doughty

Drew Doughty is a solid defenseman and has had a great year.

Jen’s Pick: John Klingberg

My pick for the Norris Trophy might be an odd one, but I think that the player most worthy of the honor this year is John Klingberg. Players like Drew Doughty and P.K. Subban will probably be in contention for as long as they continue to play, and deservedly so. But I believe that this Gothenburg, Sweden native has done the best job of being the league’s top “defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position.” He has appeared in every game that the Dallas Stars have played this season, making this his first 82-game season, a career high in games. He has already reached career highs in points and assists with 67 and 59, respectively. In addition, 23 of his total points have come on the power play, breaking another personal record. Doughty and Subban will always be great defensive players, but neither broke out quite like Klingberg did this year.

Kayla’s Pick: John Carlson

Everyone loves an underdog, right? John Carlson concluded the regular season with the most points of a defenseman with a career high of 68. He’s had an amazing year with the Capitals this season, and I’d honestly be surprised if he doesn’t go into this summer with both the Norris trophy and a hefty contract.

Ruchi’s Pick: John Carlson

Carlson is having a great year that lead all defensemen in points. He also has an above-average time on ice at 26.40 minutes per game. He’s never really been considered one of the leagues best defensemen, but as his current contract with the Capitals ends, he’s going off with a bang.

Alyssa’s Pick: Brent Burns

There are so many worthy candidates for the Norris this year, which makes this a difficult choice, but Brent Burns has his way of edging everyone else out. Burns has always been an instant consideration amongst defenseman when the voting polls open up for award season, and there’s plenty of reason for it. Being a large factor in a repeatedly Stanley Cup-contending team is certainly one of them. His on-ice presence when it comes to production is a huge factor – it’s a noteworthy accomplishment to finish the regular season leading your team in points as a defenseman. There’s no doubt that Burns plays a significant role in where his team ends up in both the regular and post season year after year, and continues to deserve proper recognition for it.

Leave a comment below or tweet us who you think should win the Norris! We’ll be posting the our picks for the Hart soon, so be sure to check back for them.

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