With the NHL preseason underway, hockey fans received some exciting news. The city of Seattle and members of the Oak View Group have decided to work together to renovate KeyArena. The renovation is an attempt to lure the NBA and NHL to the area in order to have professional teams.

The renovations are going to be a lot to take on. Not only would the renovations cost around $660 million, with a large portion of that going to transportation issues, the city and Oak View Group plan on starting the renovations next year and finishing by 2020. Setting a two-year limit to make it both NBA and NHL regulated is a huge goal. Whether or not they will finish by 2020 is something we’ll have to wait for.

It’s safe to say that a major reason behind the renovations is because of the NHL expansion. Seattle has a long history of wanting an NHL team, so taking the proper steps to getting them will definitely catch their eye. It’s an incentive to check out the area and see just how well the sport will do.

I’m not going to say I was the reason behind the whole renovation, but the announcement did come out a few days after I wrote about how Seattle should be the next city in the expansion. Let us know your thoughts on Seattle renovating so the NHL could expand to the city!

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