In the first installment of Statistics for Rookies we covered the ever-confusing Corsi number. This week we get to tackle Fenwick. The Fenwick is easier to understand if you have a basic understanding of Corsi, so I recommending reading up on the Corsi number first.

The formula to calculate Fenwick is basically the same as Corsi. The only difference is that Fenwick does not use blocked shots in the formula. The Fenwick formula looks like this:

Fenwick = (Shots on Goal + Missed Shots) – (Shots on Goal Against + Missed Shots Against)

Let’s go back and use the statistics from the hypothetical game between the Maple Leafs and Capitals. These are the stats for the teams when Auston Matthews was on ice.


Shots on Goal Missed Shots Blocked Shots
Leafs 2 6 4
Capitals 1 7 2


For the Fenwick stat, we won’t be using the last column. Blocked shots are considered to be shots stopped by a defensemen in front of the goal. Applying those numbers to the new formula for Auston Matthews would give us this:

Matthews’ Fenwick = (2 + 6) – (1 + 7) = 0

Matthews’ Corsi number from these same stats is +2 and his Fenwick is 0. From one player’s performance in a game, you usually get two different results. There are even times when a Crosi could be lower than a Fenwick and vice versa. Let’s do another example. This time we’ll observe Sidney Crosby’s stats in a hypothetical game against the New York Rangers. Remember, these are the stats for the time that Crosby was on ice.


Shots on Goal Missed Shots Blocked Shots
Penguins 2 9 3
Rangers 3 6 6


The formula for Crosby’s Corsi would be this:

Crosby’s Corsi = (2 + 9 + 3) – (3 + 6 + 6) = -1

His Fenwick would look like this:

Crosby’s Fenwick = (2 + 9) – (3 + 6) = +2

Corsi and Fenwick will not always correlate. These numbers work best when used together because they can tell you much more about the performance of a team or player. Adding more and more statistics to your arsenal allows you to understand the game at a deeper level.

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