This past weekend in America was so crazy that even the Detroit Red Wings got involved. Among the Confederate and Nazi flags, was a symbol that looked exactly like the team’s logo.

A group known as “The Detroit Right Wings” used the logo and put their own twist on it by incorporating the Nazi swastika. The group used this logo for their YouTube and Twitter accounts as well. After finding out about this, the Red Wings made the following statement:

“The Detroit Red Wings vehemently disagree with and are not associated in any way with the event taking place today in Charlottesville, Va. The Red Wings believe that hockey is for everyone, and we celebrate the great diversity of our fan base and our nation. We are exploring every possible legal action as it pertains to the misuse of our logo in this disturbing demonstration.”

The Red Wings weren’t the only ones to made a statement about the group using the logo. The NHL put out their own statement saying the following: 

“We are obviously outraged by the irresponsible and improper use of our intellectual property as seen this weekend in Charlottesville, Va. This specific use is directly contrary to the value of inclusiveness that our league prioritizes and champions. We will take immediate and all necessary steps to insure the use is discontinued as promptly as possible and will vigorously pursue other remedies as appropriate.”

For the average observer, the two logos are the same. In the age of the Internet, it’s safe to say some might think that the logo for the Detroit Right Wings is the same as the Detroit Red Wings logo; and with such a similar name, it’s easy for their name to get lost in translation. Whether or not the NHL or Red Wings will press charges is still up in the air. But, if they plan on keeping their inclusive image, it would be smart to do so.

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