NBC Sports released the schedule for the 2017-2018 season of NHL on NBC. Here are a few games that should be watched league-wide:

Tue., Oct. 10 Arizona Vegas NBCSN 10 p.m. EST

This will be Vegas’ first home game. Everyone should tune in, not only to see what the expansion team will look like on ice, but to see the arena and the fan turnout. Expansion teams aren’t expected to do well in their first few years, and this one is no exception, but it’ll be interesting to see how well these men play together after only practicing with each other for a month or two.

Tue., Oct. 17 Tampa Bay New Jersey NBCSN 7:30 p.m. EST
Thur., Apr. 5 Carolina Philadelphia NBCSN 7 p.m. EST

New Jersey and Carolina unfortunately only have one game on NBSCN. Both teams have a lot to prove in the upcoming season and have added great pieces. New Jersey, with forwards Nico Hischier and Marcus Johansson, and Carolina, with new goaltender Scott Darling and new defensemen Trevor Van Riemsdyk, will set out to prove that this isn’t going to be just another passive year. Even though the East isn’t as wide open as it used to be, either team could potentially squeak into the playoffs.

Photo via Dave Abel, Postmedia Network
Mon., Mar. 5 Toronto Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m EST

Toronto and Buffalo are both on the up-and-up. Matthews vs. Eichel is something that will be relevant for years to come. This won’t be their first meeting but it’ll still be enjoyable to watch two young teams battle it out on the ice with the playoffs looming. It’ll be around the time in the season where two points can change everything.

Tue., Jan. 9 Edmonton Nashville NBCSN 8 p.m. EST

Edmonton and Nashville proved themselves as contending teams during the playoffs and then some. Seeing Edmonton’s offense take on Nashville’s defense should be on everyone’s to-do list no matter which NHL team they’re a fan of. This game is sure to provide some good hockey.

Wed., Oct. 11 Pittsburgh Washington NBCSN 7:30 p.m EST

Crosby vs. Ovechkin has been seen countless times over the last ten or so years, and while the jokes can get old, the hockey never does. This was evident during their series in the playoffs. Both teams have lost a few key players so it’ll be fun to see how they match up as they play each other for the first time since the playoffs.

Click here to see the rest of the schedule.

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