Mika Zibanejad is doing more than training in his offseason. The New York Rangers center released his first single titled Forever on Friday. It’s an EDM song with vocals provided by . The track has a catchy chorus and beat, one you can definitely see being played on the radio throughout the summer.

Zibanejad made close to $1 million while playing for the Rangers this past year. He’s currently an RFA but, judging by the points he put up (14 goals, 37 points in 56 games played) and where he was placed in the lineup (second line center), it’s clear that he will be resigned and given a decent raise. There is no real financial motive for Zibanejad to pursue music; it seems to be something he’s truly passionate about.

Album Cover Art (via Youtube)
Zibanejad has gotten a large amount of support from his native country, Sweden. According to Spotify, most of his listeners are from Sweden and Norway. After those countries, he has the most support from New York, specifically Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Fans aren’t the only ones getting behind Zibanejad’s choice to make music. His fellow teammates have also been supporting him on social media. Defensemen, Brady Skjei posted an image of the single’s cover art on Instagram. Captain, Ryan McDonagh also praised the song on Twitter.

There have been a handful of fans who feel wary of Zibanejad’s choice to make music, believing this will impact his career on ice, but he has four months until the next season starts. It gives him plenty of time to focus on both of his passions.

If anything were to happen to Zibanejad’s hockey career, it’s safe to say that he has a nice fall back.

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